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Pure Mesh Freebies 2 consists of 3 meshes which are also part of the Pure Mesh Vol.2 package. These meshes will help to accelerate your modeling pipeline. Would you like to create a spaceship as the next piece of your portfolio, or do you need some small bits and pieces to fill empty areas in your environment? Pure Mesh is your best friend in this case. All meshes are available in OBJ, FBX and Maya formats. You will also receive swatches for every mesh. This makes adding your new meshes to the asset library of your choice as easy as cooking pasta. Would you like to see the package in action? We have included preview images so you can gather inspiration for your great creations.

Would you like to have a larger mesh collection? Check out the Pure Mesh Vol.2.

Pure Mesh integrates seamlessly with Pure Kitbash. Wondering what Pure Kitbash is? For more information on the ultimate asset library solution for Autodesk Maya, have a look here.


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