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Pure Kitbash

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Pure Kitbash consists of various functions such as copying meshes along surfaces, copying mesh arrays, spawning meshes on component selections, and attach meshes to surfaces. This will help to accelerate your design and modeling pipeline. You want to place rivets and screws on curved surfaces but don’t know how to do it efficiently, or are you tired of dragging hundreds of kitbash parts into your viewport just to find out that the mesh you are looking for is not in these files? Pure Kitbash is your best friend in this case. Pure Kitbash ships in MEL format and has an installer script on board. This makes adding your new asset library to Autodesk Maya as easy as cooking pasta. Would you like to see the tool in action? Watch our video . A documentation is also included so you can get started as quickly as possible.

Pure Kitbash is extendable with custom meshes. Don’t have custom meshes? No Problem, we’ve got you covered. Check out Pure Mesh Vol. 1.

Pure Kitbash integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Maya 2018 and above. This product doesn’t include any meshes.


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