Cap Optimization

Our Cap Optimization script was developed to optimize the cap of a cylinder where the triangulation starts at the border of the cap. Though it initially used to optimize circular caps it can be used to optimize any face with more than three vertices. Just select any face and activate the script, either by utilizing a hotkey or clicking on its shelf icon.

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Pivot Helper

This tool helps you save specific pivot positions or orientations and assign these positions or orientations to different meshes later on.

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Pure Kitbash

Pure Kitbash is a carefully developed all-in-one asset library solution for Autodesk Maya. Copy Along Surface ‘Copy Along Surface’ is used to copy a selected mesh along the surface of a base mesh. Select the base mesh and click on the ‘Base’ button. Then select any mesh which will be duplicated and click on ‘Constrain’. (The constrain is based on the pivot.) Then click on duplicate, move the mesh on the first position and click on Duplicate mesh to duplicate it multiple times. (Please note that the duplication is not 100% accurate!) Afterwards select all duplicated meshes and click ‘Cleanup meshes’ to remove all existing constrains on them. Adding Meshes You can add any mesh to extend the asset library....

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Spawn Primitive At Selection

Spawns a cube at the selection. If you want another primitive edit this script inside of any editor look for the Primitives comment and remove the comment lines in front of the primitive needed. Remember to only have one primitive uncommented. You can also change whether you want the orientation on spawn as well as an offset to the mesh activated by changing the variables inside of this file.

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